I KILLED A GIRL CALLED REALITY. Last time I took a plane, I guess it was in August, I met someone at the security check. She was not the first-look-wow girl, but we talked deeply, promptly. She told me not to take my drinks with me any further, she mad e me undress my shoes, my jacket and also my belt. That was very fast for the first meeting, but she told me to relax. Hearing strange noises, she told me, she needs to touch me. I was confused, but i accepted and it felt good. While body checking we were talking about regulatory power and questions I never dared to ask. It was so intense. When she stopped touching, I was left alone with an emptiness of not knowing why all this happened. And then, I guess, it just occurred, that I had to kill a girl called reality. PRESS RELEASE. 09/11/2007. BERLIN-TORINO. Online since September 2007 www.check-check.org wants to get in touch with all beings suffering the ambivalence of reality. The italian-german co-production of Paolo Cirio and Nina Roth focuses on airport security regulations seeing in it the worst case scenario of kidding with peoples fears, peoples brains and the idea of how security is installed as a focal point in our daily lives. "Check-Check.org" is an easily accessible online platform that aids to deprogram people from Psychological Operations (PsyOps) done on almost all citizens of the so-called first world, in order to engage everyone in military missions and rising social control. Deprogramming is a sort of debugging of the social code that is given to us since we were born. In the airport case the social code is the script of "Security Theater" or the "Theater of the Absurd" that is a spectacle in a grand scale done around the world. The deprogrammer "Check-Check.org" operates with a friendly psychological method: everyone can read the experiences, feelings, emotions and unpredictable behaviors of other mind-controlled 'victims'. So with more consciousness and less embarrassment, because others already unclenched, people generally open up to each other, expressing their self-doubts about their existence and reality. Everyone can share opinions and find confirmations; a practice as an antidote to deceptive brainwashing and a return to a free mind. In the dramatization of taking a flight, we play several acts of the propaganda theater. It's like an educational method, as always in theater. You can't do better than the audience-participation dramas performed at airports. The chief of the Transportation Security Administration admitted recently: "Taking lighters away is security theater". On the stage we have to follow the script that we get daily infused not only by mass media: Stick to moral commitments! Terrorism is everywhere! Stay alert! Don't trust anyone! In this contemporary information warfare any news are in a schizophrenic loop, where the goal is to cut off any relation between sense and realty. Without meaning anything it could be possible to justify the kings and queens of absurdity, like class divide, injustice, wars. Senselessness and absurdity is a contemporary feeling between the rows of newspaper and behind the tv box. To get everybody used to nonsense actions: lets play this ridiculous act. So, double checking our own reality is an act to uncover the (un)real reality, and kill the false. NOTES: Deprogramming http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deprogramming Security Theater http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Security_theater Theater of the Absurd http://www.nytimes.com/2006/12/17/business/yourmoney/17digi.html?ei=5090&en=db7ab439c0c47253&ex=1324011600&partner=rssuserland&emc=rss&pagewanted=all Update News http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2007/07/20/national/main3080127.shtml http://www.boingboing.net/2007/07/20/tsa_head_calls_light.html http://www.theregister.co.uk/2006/08/17/flying_toilet_terror_labs/ http://www.boingboing.net/2006/08/16/would_a_hairgel_bomb.html BIBLIOGRAPHY: Concerning War: A Critical Reader, BAK / Revolver, 2006, ISBN 9077288082 Artists in time of war, Howard Zinn, Seven Stories Press, New York, 2003, ISBN 1583226028 Under Fire (I/II) the organization and representation of violence, Jordan Crandall, Witte de With Rotterdam, 2004, ISBN 907336261 The no-nonsense guide to terrorism, Jonathan Barker, New Internationalist, London, 2005, ISBN 1859844332 Beyond Fear, Bruce Schneier, 2003, ISBN 0387026207 Theatre of the Oppressed, Augusto Boal, ISBN 0930452496 Dictionay of War, Conferences Archive, www.dictionaryofwar.org FUNNY STUFF: http://kiphawleyisanidiot.com http://operationcheckpoint.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=product.display&Product_ID=2075 http://eatdrinkandbemarysue.wordpress.com/2006/12/07/the-tsa-and-my-mother/ MUSIC CREDIT: :::*::: http://www.myspace.com/chipsandbites

Last Live News about TSA aggregated

Lover's stroll to plane at D/FW a TSA heartache - Dallas Morning News

Lover's stroll to plane at D/FW a TSA heartache
Dallas Morning News
Incidentally, when local authorities asked Cockerham how he managed to get past the TSA security apparatus at the airport, he replied, “I walked.” How's that for a cunning plan? ... Someone derided the whole TSA operation as “security theater.” Maybe so.

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Editorial: Hop-on plane passenger further shakes confidence in TSA - Dallas Morning News

Dallas Morning News

Editorial: Hop-on plane passenger further shakes confidence in TSA
Dallas Morning News
Lawmakers also learned that 73 aviation workers had ties to terrorism, along with access to sensitive areas, when they slipped through TSA screening. The problem, believe it or not, was that the TSA — a ward of the Homeland Security Department — was ...

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Morrissey: I was sexually assaulted by airport security - Page Six

Page Six

Morrissey: I was sexually assaulted by airport security
Page Six
“Before I could gather my belongings from the usual array of trays I was approached by an 'airport security officer' who stopped me, crouched before me and groped my penis and testicles,” he wrote of the alleged incident, which he says took place Monday.

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10 Things We'd Like to See at the New LaGuardia Airport - Condé Nast Traveler

Condé Nast Traveler

10 Things We'd Like to See at the New LaGuardia Airport
Condé Nast Traveler
And a row of self check-in kiosks that also prints bag tags and TSA Precheck security located at a certain door, where frequent flyers may request to be dropped off, to make it through in under five minutes with no lines, no waits, and no need to speak ...

Security Failures Found at Many of the Nation's Airports - myCentralOregon.com

Security Failures Found at Many of the Nation's Airports
Artfoliophoto/iStock/ThinkStock(NEW YORK) — A recent investigation of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) showed security failures at many of the country's busiest airports. Investigators were ... That's not security theater, that's just ...

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Top 10 stories on auburnpub.com: Auburn quarry accident, city councilors clash ... - Auburn Citizen

Auburn Citizen

Top 10 stories on auburnpub.com: Auburn quarry accident, city councilors clash ...
Auburn Citizen
... such as clearly differentiating between individuals authorized to have access to secure areas, and those who do not, or requiring criminal background checks that cover an extended history — will go a long way in ensuring safety at our airports ...

Finally, Wine You Can Take Through TSA - Paste Magazine

Paste Magazine

Finally, Wine You Can Take Through TSA
Paste Magazine
This is cool for several reasons. The single-serving format is ultra-portable and convenient for places like, oh, say, the movie theater, or a picnic, or the golf course. ... And yes, it literally passes muster in airport security lines. There's also ...

TSA's 95% failure rate shows airport security is a charade - Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Times

TSA's 95% failure rate shows airport security is a charade
Los Angeles Times
A couple of years ago my wife — who may be the least likely person on the planet to commit an act of terrorism — was randomly pulled aside at airport security for a thorough screening. Seeing that the process was ... Something tells me that young man ...
TSA failures spark calls for privatizationThe Hill
TSA Hired 73 Workers on Terror Watchlist: DHSNewser
There are TSA secrets worse than a 96% fail rate: ColumnUSA TODAY
CBS News -Business Insider -Mic
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The TSA's 95 Percent Failure Rate: Security Theater... - National Review Online

National Review Online

The TSA's 95 Percent Failure Rate: Security Theater...
National Review Online
We might ask the same thing regarding the Transportation Security Administration. ... Regardless of recent, widely publicized attacks and thwarted plots, some Americans continue to question TSA security initiatives. ... million “SPOT” program — a ...

The TSA has never kept you safe: here's why - Fortune


The TSA has never kept you safe: here's why
What's more, they'd point out that the recent assessments were conducted by the TSA's “red team,” which routinely conducts covert tests at domestic airports, evaluating security systems, personnel, equipment, and procedures. ... “The only useful ...
5 percent return on TSA security theater is a lousy bargainDallas Morning News (blog)
Accountability: TSA “reassigns” acting chief after 96% failure rate at checkpointsHot Air
Acting head of TSA removed after report highlighting airport security lapsesPittsburgh Post-Gazette
Minneapolis Star Tribune -Deseret News
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World Cup Predictions Japan

Nigeria World Cup Predictions

World Cup 2010 - Spain wins in excess of Netherlands, Paul the octopus phone calls it correct - Spain has won the FIFA World Cup 2010 , defeating Netherlands in added time 1- The title match was performed today in Johannesburg, South Africa Paul the Octopus, the mesmerizing mollusk whose supernatural ability at predicting World Cup outcomes earned him a worldwide adhering FIFA world cup 2014 brazil stadiums to, is set to retire from soccer forecasting The soccer savant stunned followers close to the world by effectively picking the result of 8 World Cup online games without getting a solitary prediction mistaken

Following the shock retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson it was to be envisioned that Manchester United might face a challenging 2013/2014 marketing campaign – but I doubt that anyone would have predicted this kind of a sharp demise If United are unsuccessful to end in the best 4 of the Premier League then a a single year blip might flip into something more persistent, as United’s pulling energy to appeal to and preserve marquee gamers will be in question thanks to the deficiency of Champions League football United may possibly properly be experiencing a quantity of a long time in the doldrums as the equilibrium of power shifts towards their noisy neighbours – Manchester City

Ireland’s World Cup 2014 hopes hang by a thread following Friday’s 2-one defeat at home to Sweden, and now should win this Tuesday from Austria, probably as properly as profitable their remaining online games from Germany and Kazakhstan, to stand any likelihood of going to Brazil up coming summer The 2010 World Cup is lastly here, so hold up to date with all the news at Goalcom's World Cup homepage and join Goalcom USA's Fb supporter web page ! The 2010 World Cup is ultimately upon us, so hold up to date with all the news at Goalcom's World Cup homepage and join Goalcom USA's Fb supporter website page !

In the past Sachin amazed the world with his centuries in opposition to Australia in Sydney in Perth in the 1991-ninety two collection He is the initial participant to score fifty Check hundreds of years, and the very first to score fifty generations in all international cricket blended he now has ninety seven hundreds of years in international cricket He is also the major run-scorer and century maker in Examination and one-working day international cricket He is the only male participant to rating a double century in the history of ODI cricket Getting triumphed at Euro 2008 and the 2010 World Cup, it is unsurprising that Spain are the favourites in the Euro 2012 odds at three/one

Ghana are an remarkable outfit, and even with the absence of Michael Essien, they are established to give this competitiveness a very good go If they make it out of a hard group, the assistance of the fans in South Africa is very likely to give them a wonderful deal of self-assurance, and maybe that elusive semi-final spot will ultimately world cup 2014 who qualifies be accomplished by an African side Luis Fabiano will be presented many possibilities to rating en route to the last and will consider most of them, commencing from the opening match Cameroon will turn into the African facet with the most appearances at the World Cup finals following their qualification for Brazil 2014

When the world turns its attention to Brazil this summer season, McDonald's personnel and FIFA World Cup volunteers will be properly well prepared to guarantee our worldwide neighbors enjoy a truly memorable experience," explained Woods Staton, Arcos Dorados' Chairman and CEO Kaspersky Lab forecasts that there will be a substantial development in the quantity of assaults targeting Bitcoin in 2014 The company also believes cybercriminals will carry on to build access normal financial institution accounts by way of mobile units, by way of mobile phishing cons and banking Trojans Just yesterday, Canada afraid the English group with their electrical power-hitting and all-round functionality They may possibly just be the new Kenya in this version of the cupworld cup 2014 predictions

As the cliché goes, we're only at fifty percent time in this tie and though Portugal just take a lead to Stockholm they know the job just isn't done yet The qualification procedure for the World Cup is an arduous one, and you will find no likelihood Sweden will be supplying this opportunity up without having a fight The opening Group H World Cup Betting Odds experienced the Attract in the Spain vs Switzerland match listed at +375 odds Presently the ideal place to guess for a tie in the Spain vs Switzerland Team H match is at SBGGLOBALcom, you can get the Draw +475 odds

United states- Matched up with England in their very first match of the match he United states seem to upset yet again like in 1950 beating England 1- Bob Bradley's males have been seeking in very good type not too long ago and even when fielding a weakened squad against Australia in their previous warm-up prior to the event, even now managed a three-1 victory over the socceroos Pellegrini's motivation to attacking football has witnessed a succession of sides swept away at The Etihad and now, with symptoms of improved absent kind right after defeats at Cardiff Metropolis, Aston Villa, Chelsea and Sunderland, all seems in place for the title to change back again throughout Manchester

I’m sorry, I really don't treatment how excellent FIFA claims Switzerland are they’re the 3rd best crew in this groupFrance went out of the last World Cup Last in their team – they wont this time about They’re too good This is also dependent on France observing off Ukraine in a playoff, but remember France’s sole loss in the qualifiers arrived at the arms of Spain in March As for the runner up, I just feel Ghana will make it however Costa Rica have Bryan Oviedo, Bryan Ruiz, and Joel Campbell but past that I simply cannot see them doing significantly, nor Switzerland

Tiger Woods, in 2002, was the final player to efficiently keep the environmentally friendly jacket Scott can be the subsequent Primarily based on his massively amazing Masters win and his outstanding regularity at the majors over the previous two a long time - he has concluded seven of eight inside of the leading twenty - Scott is hunting like a male who will not stop at one I say he wins in April England play 2 aggressive matches and the media expects them to earn Enthusiasts anticipate them to get Turns out they acquire marginally in opposition to Moldova and draw with Ukraine A dancing enthusiast in the stands is the only stand out performer

Argentina is driving the wave of the Lionel Messi period and hoping his fantastic type will be on show this summer season, creating the second coming of Maradona, in the 2014 World Cup The prospect of winning the cup at their archrivals’ house is just as well delicious to say out loud—less they jinx it—but it is in their coaches’ and players’ minds, to a gentleman Argentina- Argentina has one particular 1 of the greatest gamers in the World if not the very best player in the world , Linel Messi Even so, they virtually did not qualify for the World Cup with unconvincing shows in their qualifiers

France has a actually poor final World cup with controversy spreading all through the crew which guide to numerous players getting sent house the controversy over the Henry hand ball but the French have just went about there businesses qualifying for the world cup and I think they should make it into the Semi-Finals simply FIFA World Cup Final Predictions with the talent they have at there disposalPlayers these kinds of as Nasri,Ribery and Benzema will have to be at the top of there game for France to go much With that being said, we are now remaining with the huge query Who will stand by yourself atop the FIFA world and be crowned FIFA World Cup champions?

Online since September 2007 www.check-check.org focuses on airport security regulations, seeing them as a worst case scenario of playing on peoples fears. It looked at how security is installed as a focal point in our daily lives. The online platform is set up in order to deprogram people from the PsyOps of the Security Theatre, and to solve ambivalent attitudes towards reality through providing an opportunity for self psycho-analyzation in the airport scenario.

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Internet: medium for therapy?

" The mass media, due to its ownership, produces fake victims in the sense of the explanation of war, where usually the aggressor comes as the first victim to explain the revolt and aggression, inverting the position. Contrary to state-owned media or international political agencies, the Internet is said to be an effective therapeutic tool for a variety of symptoms and disorders, for its displaced, non-personal, but direct connection. "

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